JDBC 4.2 规范中文版
JDBC 是 Java Database Connectivity 的缩写,它提供了 Java 语言的数据库访问规范,通过 JDBC API 用户可以访问任何实现该规范的数据库。掌握 JDBC 规范的内容,是学习各种 ORM 框架的基础,也能够帮助我们更好地理解数据库驱动实现。

This document supersedes and consolidates the content of these predecessor specifications:

■ “JDBC: A Java SQL API”

■ “JDBC 2.1 API”

■ “JDBC 2.0 Standard Extension API”

■ “JDBC 3.0 Specification”

This document introduces a range of new features for the JDBC API and is combined with various specification improvements that focus on features introduced in or before the JDBC 3.0 API. Where possible, any adjustment to the JDBC 3.0 API is marked for easy identification - look for the JDBC 4.2 API demarcation for specific features introduced in this revised and updated specification. Readers can also download the API specification (JavadocTM API and comments) for a complete and precise definition of JDBC classes and interfaces. This documentation is available from the download page at https://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=221

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